Monday, June 19, 2006

The Sky Remains Intact

Can we all please come in off the ledge?

Bill Gates, who hasn't written code in a very long time, has said that he'll reduce his role in running Microsoft in a couple of years. He's not closing the doors on a one-man show. He's not leaving the company. He's not even resigning as chairman. He's just said he'll spend more time on charitable work than before.

Like any large company, no one person is doing all the heavy lifting. If he retired to his island fortress this afternoon, both Microsoft and the world would continue intact. But, like all large American companies of the past few decades, the business press has created a cult of personality at Microsoft such that you'd think the apocolypse had arrived again. The same arrival occurred when Jack Welsh left GE, Greenspan the Fed, and, I presume, Digrasso NYSE.

Geez, people, get a grip!


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