Friday, June 09, 2006

The Real Message is Harder

I see that the California Republican Party claims that the chairman of the party is... God!
The President says that God is on our side; the terrorists make the same claim.
There's a war on Christmas, Christians, Islam, marriage, and every interest group you can imagine.

I'm Catholic so I have some understanding of the Christian message and, by extension, the Old Testament foundations of Judaism. I claim only the most cursory idea of Islam and nearly nothing of the other faiths of the world. I can, however, say with confidence that none of these faiths nor their gods is tailored to a political party of any stripe.

The central concept, as I understand it, of the major religions is to love and care for others, especially the outcast and disadvantaged. That message is hard since we're all selfish and egotistical. Our presentation of our beliefs slides easily to I'm right, you're wrong and I'll convert you (or legislate my beliefs). Sometimes the words of faith are used to mask selfish acts. One web site recently said that it was God's will to make permanent the President's tax cuts. Really?

I cannot find a political party, in any guise in any country, that completely and fully embraces the loving and caring message that so many holy books proclaim. I belong to the party that I think comes closest but I'm open to others making different choices for the same reason.

Let's let God stay out of party politics to the extent that we elect accountable humans to the chairs lest the hubris of claiming a divine chair leads to an unpleasant accounting in the future.


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