Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'll Volunteer

I've heard and read a lot in the past day or so about the Center for Public Integrity study on Congressional travel.

I'm not going to point out the incredible number of first class trips to first class places nor the average of nearly a month per member of travel each year for five and a half years. My place is not to judge.

Rather I'll focus on the "defense of these trips by the sponsoring organizations. They say that it is an opportunity for lawmakers to discuss issues in, according to the Washington Post, "a relaxed setting." The Post further quotes a spokesman for the Association of American Railroads as saying that, in Washington, the members are "too busy" to talk. Apparently the organizations need to talk and, under normal circumstances, there's no one to talk with.

O.K., I get it and I'll do my part. The lawmakers are too busy to talk and they've got a country to run. I'll squeeze time out of my schedule to go to Paris, Hawaii, and Italy so the organizations can talk. Think of me as a sort of organizational therapist. They'll talk, I'll listen, they'll pay. Since corporations are persons it might even qualify under the executive health plan.

This dirt job that someone has to do is one that I'll volunteer for as my patriotic duty.


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