Tuesday, June 13, 2006


People fascinate me. We look at the same thing and have radically different visions. Research shows that eyewitness testimony to a crime is unbelievably unreliable because of this phenomenon.

A couple of cases to this point:

A building at my alma mater, a building that pre-dates the institution, was gutted by fire last night. According to the report I read the fire was called in by homeowners some distance from the campus who smelled smoke. I have to ask what those on campus thought that smell was.

The quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers must have seen all those reports of athletes suffering career-ending injuries while riding motorcycles. Some of them saw a cautionary tale. He just spent several hours in surgery. What did he see when those reports aired?

Of course we could go into much more important issues and ask similar questions. I won't except to wonder, in those instances, whether some of us, sometimes, aren't seeing only what we want to see and dismissing all else.

I'll wonder at the wisdom of that for a long time.


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