Monday, June 26, 2006

An Ethical Sign

Yesterday's New York Times (June 25, 2006) carried a long article about the $140 million that the then-head of NYSE wanted to pull out of his pension fund. It caused an uproar a while back and continues to be the subject of litigation.

While one could look at a man making many millions of dollars each year who charges bags of pretzels to his employer (as is the case here) and shake one's head, I read the article with increasing hope that the ethical part of the human race isn't gone but buried.

According to the author, while greed did win out, the man involved checked several times to see whether he could take the money. He talked to a lawyer who was also his friend. My belief, and my hope, is that these calls were the cries of his ethical, and indeed moral, nature calling out to a friend to tell him to stop. Would that he had!

Nonetheless, the suggestion that such an ethical concern raised itself amid all that money is, I think, a sign that an ethical ember still glows.

Just think what might happen were it fanned into flame!


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