Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Bit of Parochialism

People I know straight down I-35 in Texas are fond of saying "How 'bout them Cowboys!"

Well, here at the northern end of the highway, I can't help but say: "Way to go, Twins!" The hottest team in baseball with at two of the starters absolutely on fire and the rest of the rotation doing great, the bullpen doing what it needs to, the closer Nathan as solid as always, the batting leader of all of baseball in Mauer, and superb fielding, management, and offense is a joy to watch.

Only the World Series year of 1991 had a better June. Mauer is flirting with .400. Wow!

I know this isn't super-important nor a question of ethics but:

It is a great thing to live in Twins Country right now!


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