Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Three Random Thoughts

I just want to share three thoughts I had:

1. I heard a radio ad for a portable GPS system called the Tom Tom. According to the copy a friendly voice helps me with directions. The example they play is "You are now at your destination." If I need a machine to tell me that I've gotten where I wanted to go, don't I have larger problems?

2. I heard another radio discussion. The question was whether there were states of "nudidity." It occurred to me that I may be attracting less attention now than thirty-plus years ago because all potential dates see is "oldidity."

3. The New York Times (among others) reports today that Airbus is promoting a standing room section on planes where the passengers would be harnessed to a padded board. I used to excuse passenger behavior by saying that if you treat people like cattle they'll act like cattle. I suppose now that they'll put people on pallets the excuse will be if you treat people like freight...


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