Friday, July 22, 2005

Christianity as a Club

If you read yesterday's posting you already know that I'm Catholic. I'm also tired of people using Christianity as a club.

Whenever someone wants to beat up on the poor or the downtrodden, whenever someone wants to justify some outlandish action like torture, capital punishment, or a war, that someone wraps himself in a Christian cloak by spouting Bible verses. I have a question.

Why are those verses always the most vengeful Old Testament verses and not loving New Testament ones? Is it because Christ preached peace, brotherhood, and help for the unfortunate? Is it because vengeance is hard to find in the Gospels? Is it because clinging to the Word is easier than living it?

Just asking.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Push has Come to Shove

I'm Catholic. I have been since birth. I'm no automaton, though, and now the Church is at a fork in the road.

For decades the Catholic Church and the Democratic party were in synch on social issues. These two entities joined forces for labor, poverty, and other issues. They worked together against capital punishment. They worked together for peace and equitable living standards. Then they parted ways over a single issue: abortion.

The Church "went Republican." The party whose positions on so many issues were (and are) anathema became an ally for a single cause. What has the Church gotten for this? Nothing!

Promises have been made but in the nearly twenty-five years that Republicans have essentially held power there hasn't been even one serious attempt to deliver. In the nearly fifty years of the Democratic-Church alliance a lot got done and more was attempted.

Here's the fork in the road. Either the Church needs to hold Republican feet to the fire and demand action on that issue (and change on many others) or they need to return to the Democratic fold and try to sway that party on a single issue (or agree to disagree).

It doesn't much matter which course the Church follows. The current course, however, gets it nothing in return for loyalty. We're at the fork in the road. Time to choose a tine.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Warmth of the Coverup

Here in Minnesota we're experts on coverups. We coverup before we go out for six months of the year and each of us has had the experience of waking up on a January night with a foot that has lost the coverup.

I say all this to establish my coverup credentials.

Now I see that we are in the midst of another Washington coverup. This time Karl Rove and others may have broken the law in revealing the name of a C.I.A. undercover operative. The coverup of who did what, when, and with whom is in full swing. But the details hardly matter. It could as easily be illicit sex in the Oval Office, bugging the opposing party's headquarters, or oil leases at Teapot Dome.

It seems to me that the air in Washington must contain a chemical that keeps the residents from learning lessons so here's some remedial education: THE COVERUP IS ALWAYS WORSE!

No one will remember the outing of the C.I.A. operative in the long run. They'll remember the futile attempts at covering up. THEY"RE ALWAYS FUTILE! We remember the Senate hearings ("What did the President know and when did he know it?"), the denials ("I never had sexual relations with that woman...Miss Lewinsky."), and the person who ultimately provides the crucial information that breaks everything open ("I told the President that there was a cancer...").

Like a bandage these things are better dealt with swiftly. The coverup is always more damaging. The heat is always greater than with a quick confession.

I said it before. Here in Minnesota we understand the warmth of the coverup. Perhaps Washington will soon learn the lesson again. I hope it sticks this time.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sorry I've been away

I haven't written in a while because:

A. I've been busy.

B. I couldn't think of anything to write when I had the time.

Well, that ship has sailed. I've got at least three things I want to write about and I'm posting them (hopefully) each of the next three days.

He's baaaack.